Circa 1990

Dogs make us better people. Join me in returning the love to these beautiful souls. My name is TAMARA TOKASH. I am a clinical canine consultant. An unconventional dog wellness adviser. The first and only trainer and consultant/nutritionist in my region to impart a holistic bespoken approach to dog rearing. Dogs are not my hobby; they are what I live and breathe.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying, researching, and working with them. The result is my evidence-based, unique, and comprehensive method. You may be at a precipice. If you are, I hope to impart with you a fresh, insightful perspective so the next time you look at your dog you see things a bit differently and consider a better way of life for them. My role is to share salubrious insights into dogs. Just like us, dogs are a collection of the choices we make. Every dog is an individual ~ no two dogs are alike. The dog represents all that is good in us. I invite you to join me – together we will help dogs be healthy and happy!

“Possesses a deep understanding and connection with dogs.”
“Astute, Passionate, Intuitive, Calm and Engaging – A true dog warrior.”
“Tamara’s refreshing perspective will forever change how you look at, live with, and love your dog.”



Derailment often occurs when one of the three tenets is overlooked. All of these factors must be addressed to fully understand a dog and help support them, so they auspiciously navigate in and out of our home. No one has a perfect dog; not me or any canine expert, nor should we expect to.  Embrace your dog’s individuality. They are special just the way they are. Let’s keep our expectations realistic, because in the grand scheme of things, don’t we all want the same thing for our dogs – to live long, healthy and infinitely happy lives? Every living being contains a blueprint for its own perfection. READ MORE


I’m a passionate steward for all dogs in this world – mine, yours and those that have no one to love and care for them. As a holistic canine wellness specialist, I will offer, guide and instill healthy lifestyle strategies for you and your dog.  Together, we will work to be proactive, rather than reactive, to maximize your dog’s MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. I’m here to educate, empower and excite you about your dog. Together, we will practice mindful, intention-based strategies to communicate and teach your dog. You will learn how your dog perceives unique situations and responds accordingly. This requires a shift in our thinking. Whether you were referred here or stumbled upon me, you must be searching for a unique approach to improve your dog’s life. READ MORE


The world is as it is experienced by a particular animal. I teach YOU how to see things from your dog’s point of view. Behavior, Manners and Nutrition – it’s all connected. Wipe the mud off your eyes from what you’ve been told and instead take a deep dive in and gain clarity and confidence to work within my custom plan. READ MORE


SYNERGY is only achieved when all elements are considered. My hope is that you will see that there is so much more than having a ‘well trained’ dog. It means absolutely nothing if a dog is fluent in obedience cues yet is eating a poor-quality food and is overly stressed. Nor is it beneficial for a dog to be fed a healthy, biologically appropriate diet without any clear pack communication, thus resulting in a dysfunctional, frenetic home life. Nothing in life is static. Therefore, we need to constantly adjust things in our dogs’ lives in order to help them regain balance. – just like we should in ours. READ MORE


I encourage you to suspend any doubts and fears you may have about dog wellness and take the leap of faith with me. You will discover how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science, and how to achieve a synergistic lifestyle for you and your dog. The choices you make for your dog become the difference between vital wellness and chronic disease. You will learn how critical it is to choose consciousness over convenience. Whether you realize it or not you are being horribly deceived by the very people and industries that you look to for your dog’s health. READ MORE