Life Skills

UMWELT – pronounced “oomvelt” – The world as it is experienced by a particular animal. I teach YOU how to see things from your dog’s point of view! Behavior, Manners and Nutrition – It’s all connected. Wipe the mud off your eyes from what you’ve been told and instead take a deep dive in, gain clarity and confidence to work within my custom plan.

Don’t you just want to know why dogs are so sick and stressed – I do and I’ve done my due diligence to understand why. I encourage you, to do the same.Imagine what it’s like being a dog and living with another species that doesn’t speak your language. They are often misunderstood. Dogs inherent approach to life is to avoid conflict; particularly with people. They make mistakes, get irritated, bored and over excited just like you and me, but when they “slip up” they are shamed and worse yet, reprimanded. Imagine living with that kind of stress.

Dogs are one of most social animals yet are often isolated and imprisoned on a daily basis. They are denied from interacting with their own kind, excluded from meeting a vast array of people and their right to explore the world using their keen senses is drastically controlled. They are fed subpar food and napalmed with every vaccine and neurotoxin under the sun. Dogs now-a-days are not allowed to be dogs. This is not how to rear a dog. There’s a lot of disinformation out there folks, A LOT, and I’m here to offer you and your dog a clear, honest and effective roadmap to vitality.