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Blessed” is a heartwarming true story about a scared and helpless laboratory Beagle named Sammy. All he ever wanted was to have a family that loved him. Sammy discovers the power of unwavering faith and a positive attitude through difficult times.
This beautiful story will inspire anyone at any age on how to be a better human.
For laboratory dogs that have no voice ~ may you be heard and rescued.
Written by Tamara Tokash
Art by Romi Caron
I have no blankets or toys. My smooth fur gets crumpled and worn from pressing my body up against the hard bars to keep away from the mess that’s left behind.

I’m a laboratory research dog.

I don’t have a name.

I’m trapped and scared.
We not only adopted a dog, but a dog’s life that ultimately helped countless humans. We thanked Sammy daily for his service to the bio-medical community. After sacrificing seven years to science, he enjoyed eleven years of unconditional love.
Sammy was a remarkable dog that taught many people the importance of gratitude, kindness and perseverance ……….

I hope Sammy’s story inspires you too!
A portion of the proceeds of “Blessed” will be donated to laboratory-dog rescue organizations.

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