30 + Years Founder / Owner/ Head Trainer

Cornell Canine Behavior Program

Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine / Food Therapy

Certified in Flower Essences

Certified in Reiki

Assistant Dog Trainer St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

40 + Years Canine & Equine Husbandry

30 + Years Veterinarian Recommended

Award Winning Author of Blessed – A Laboratory Research Dog

Homeopathy & Conventional First Aide

International Speaker / Lecturer


Mentored under Pia Silvani

Drs. Dunbar, Overall, London, Reid, Hetts, Pryor,McConnell, Clothier

Canine Health Symposiums Continual Education

Founder/Owner The Happy Hound – Raw Market

Favorite Charities: Rescue + Freedom Project / Project K-9 Hero

Foster Mom of Rescue Dogs

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DOG RESEARCH EXPOSED “How can we help former research dogs leave the past behind and find happiness…perhaps for the first time in their lives? Dog trainer and nutritionist Tamara Tokash shares decades of wisdom and cool tips to help dogs who’ve left the confinement of a research laboratory by promoting their healing from the inside out.”  – Ellie Hansen. Listen to Tamara Tokash on Ellie Hansen’s DOG RESEARCH EXPOSED podcast to learn more:

BELIEVE IN DOG – “Does what we feed our dogs affect their behavior? I know that when I don’t feel good, I’m not always at my best. Some people get ‘hangry’ when they’re hungry, their blood sugar crashes and affects their mood. And I’ve learned, usually the hard way, that when I eat junk food, I’ll have that crash afterwards when I’m definitely not at 100%. But what about our dogs?” – Erin Scott. Listen to Tamara Tokash on Erin Scott’s BELIEVE IN DOG podcast to learn more:

What People Are Saying

In Between Thoughts…

Tamara culls from her extensive studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic healing methods and optimal nutrition. Her education in these areas is on par with that of medical and clinical practitioners. - Beth Ellis

Calm and Happy Dog…

Tamara made an emergency house call and implemented specific behavior modification techniques and worked with our pup and our pet sitter until our dog was calm and happy. Tamara is a gem! - Penny Sokolowski

Tailored to our Needs…

The training was tailored to our needs. Maddy’s favorite part of the program was when Tamara would take us on field trips to town. She is extremely knowledgeable and a good-hearted dog person! - Frank Long

True Love For Dogs…

I loved Tamara's calm approach and the way she can read individual dog personalities! I still use many of the techniques she showed me. Tamara's true love for dogs and natural way with them is amazing! - Lisa Graham


Tamara proved to be invaluable for us and our dog Comet. We learned how to communicate positively with Comet through hand signals, verbal commands and fun games. It gave us the tools to build a life-long relationship! - Barbara Morse

Love and Consistency…

I believe that Tamara’s flexible approach and professional style with training has made Cocoa a dynamite dog. Tamara made her be all that she could be. I thank Tamara for teaching me how to understand a dog and handle them with love and consistency. - Carol Greco

Rewarding Experience…

We had a very rambunctious 9-month-old female, black Labrador, Dagney.  After speaking with our veterinarian, they recommended Tamara Tokash.  It was obvious from our first session with Tamara that this was going to be a rewarding experience! - Rosalie, Steve and Szynal

Extra Mile….

Tamara Tokash put her all into the training for my dog and me! She went the extra mile with each lesson. She has a plethora of knowledge on dogs and shows her concern for their well-being. - The Balsamos

The Best Start…

We wanted to give our 8-week-old puppy the best start possible, so I hired Tamara to help me train him. It was a very pleasant experience for both my family and my puppy. I owe all his good manners to her! - Tara Rosselli

Confident and Proud…

My dog was afraid of her own shadow, but Tamara Tokash worked with my family, myself, and my dog until she learned how to be confident and proud of her shadow! - The Heatly’s  

Nutrition and Wellness…

If you are looking for an authentic expert in all areas of canine health and nutrition, behavior and training, and understanding of the deep love and bond between humans and their dogs, look no further!  - Karen Carlucci

An Eager Student…

Tamara used positive reinforcement, which made Mandy an eager student. Tamara is an excellent trainer, and we appreciated her limitless patience. Tamara’s sensitivity, support, advice, knowledge and professionalism helped us immensely. - The Forman Family

Veterinarian Recommended…

Tamara was recommended by my veterinarian and helped us develop strategies which were individualized for our Labradoodle, Max. Max was diagnosed with kidney disease and Tamara helped us with dietary choices as Max’s appetite declined. - Antonia Pinnney  

Astute Insight….

For the past 11 years, not a human who has met him has failed to note what an incredibly well-mannered, obedient, self-restrained and sweet dog Obie is. I always say that I owe it all to Tamara Tokash! - Marina Donahue

Well Behaved Pooch….

Tamara’s a trainer with special gifts. She knows how to communicate effectively with both dogs and their owners. Her lessons are fun and easy. The results will surely bring smiles to the faces of owners. She is also available for follow-up question as well as advice. -Ruth Morris

Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.” – Rumi