My Ethos are simple yet paramount. I am spearheading a movement to combine manners with nutrition and behavior. My goal is to steer the direction of these seemingly separate disciplines and converge them into a regiment of overall health and well-being. We must embrace the sacred contract that we have with our dogs. They are the souls that come to change our lives forever.

MIND – Foster harmony between you and your dog so that learning life skills are easy.
BODY – Provide you with a proven nutritional plan to greatly improve your dog’s overall mental & physical health.
SPIRIT – Give insight and strategies as to what constitutes a healthy, stress-free lifestyle.

Who is Tamara?

You could say that I’m an ambassador to dogs, an unconventional dog adviser. The first trainer in my region to impart a holistic approach to dogs. Everything impacts a dog’s wellness – their family, their food, their frame of mind and so much more. All of these factors must be addressed to fully understand a dog and help support them, so they live a beautiful happy and healthy life.

I grew up in a family of dog lovers that bred Field English Setters. The kennel on our property was always my Zen den. The dynamic connection I felt with dogs was undeniable – dogs and I had a synergistic relationship. I would observe their subtle interactions with one another, their means of communicating, how they ate, what stressed them out, and how they thrived. At a very young age, I vowed to improve dogs’ lives. My odyssey with dogs continued into my young adulthood where I made studying them my livelihood. I live, breathe, and sleep dogs.

My professional journey began with the intention of teaching dogs how to best develop manners so they could live cohesively with humans. I quickly recognized that in order to be fluent in obedience, one needs to address behavior. So began my deep plunge into studying canine behavior. This deep dive revealed the direct relationship between food and behavior. Not just food but real, fresh, biologically appropriate, functional fresh food and the dynamic relationship of the gut/brain axis connection.

It’s not my dog’s job to live up to my expectations.

It’s my job to help him reach his full potential.

The past 30 + years comprises extensive classroom and field experience in canine behavior, nutrition and obedience – surpassing 20,000 hours of education. My teaching, research and studies have yielded vibrant dogs throughout this time. I’ve traveled extensively, learning from highly respected and world-renowned experts in every field from behavior to nutrition. My continued education courses reflect my passion and drive to do what’s right for dogs with the hope that they will be happier and healthier. Like many of you, I was under the impression that my vets and pet stores were equipped with solutions. They were not. My inspiration to take a deep dive into canine wellness stemmed from my own desperation to find answers to my beloved dogs’ illnesses.

I’m part of a paradigm shift to dispel myths and share truths so that dogs can live their lives to their fullest potential. I’ve been connecting the dots for decades and am eager to share with you everything I have learned. The environment that we create for our dogs and ourselves is critical – it’s epigenetics. Food, exercise, energy, relationships, stress and xenobiotics (chemical loads like over-vaccinations and pesticides) all play a role in our dog’s overall health. I implore you to not underestimate any of these.

Despite all my formal education, it has been every single dog that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with and observing that has taught me the most. I have seen countless dogs transform before my eyes when they were offered a truly healthy and clean way of life. They’ve moved from chronic disease into dynamic specimens of health. It’s always a pleasure working with clients, particularly old clients that call me back with a new furry companion!

All dogs, big, little, purebred or mix are simply magical to me. May you see all of the gifts your dog has to offer.