Is Your Dog Happy?

Epigenetics is critical! That is, the environment which surrounds your dog is more important that the genetics inside. Dogs are magical beings that have been sent here for a paramount purpose – to love, teach, and guide us. While we adore and cherish them, in the end, dogs heal and protect us at a deep level – right to the very core of who we are. If you let them in, you will become kindred spirits with them. Let’s restore dogs’ lives and THRIVE together!

Embrace your dog’s individuality. If you’re looking to have a “perfectly behaved” dog where you are the so-called “Alpha”, this is NOT the place for you. THIS CERTAINLY IS THE PLACE if you’re seeking a better life for your ALREADY perfect dog, free of suppression, frustration and chronic disease. I don’t want a dog that fears me and is broken because I lack knowledge. What I do want is a happy, vibrant, carefree, mannerly dog that is welcome anywhere because I’ve made smart choices and invested the time. I want to teach and guide my dogs intelligently while making sure they have no doubt how much I absolutely adore them. And that’s what I want for your dogs. My approach is backed by science, proven effective, positive and force free. Likewise, nutrition is at the root of wellness and behavior. Biologically appropriate food that dogs are meant to eat. It’s all connected folks.