Listen To Your Dog

Genetics holds the gun while the environment and lifestyle in which we place our dogs pulls the trigger. As their guardians and advocates we owe it to them to help them THRIVE! We must be judicious and mindful. There’s no snake oil or magic pill – just proven sound strategies for optimizing health. But beware … some of the very people you may think are there to help your dog are actually adding to the imbalances that are cutting their beautiful lives short. It’s up to you to do your due diligence.

Everything impacts a dog’s wellness – their family, their food, their frame of mind and so much more. I’d like to share with you my alchemy ethos and strategies that will help you create balance within your dog’s world so that they can truly experience pure happiness and health for many years to come. The moment you chose to bring a dog into your life, was the genesis of a sacred contract – one where you are your dog’s advocate mentally, emotionally and physically. Your dog’s destiny lies within your hands.