Believe and Return the Love

BELIEVE – To accept something as true. To feel sure of the truth.

Have you ever wondered why so many dogs now a days are riddled with chronic diseases like allergies, IBS and painful ear infections? Have you pondered why dogs are being euthanized at 6 months old because they have an auto immune disease, cancer or some idiopathic terminal illness? Why are dogs being slammed with so many different types of vaccinations? Have you stopped to think about ALL the toxic medications they’re on – heartworm, flea/tick, digestion and allergy? Do they really need all of it? Have you wondered why so many dogs have odd, yet ubiquitous, behavior issues – aggression, fear, tail chasing? How about their social struggles? I have and I’ve learned why. I want to share my findings with you.

Fresh, Healthy, Whole Food

When we bring our dogs to the vet or see a dog food advertisement, we believe that the experts have done their due diligence in researching and studying the big picture. We believe that the food presented and offered to us is healthy for our dogs. We believe that the ingredients are nutritious and safe for them and we feel comfortable, if not confident, that the vets and dog food manufacturers are qualified to make the recommendations. The hard reality is that they don’t. We’ve been brainwashed and dogs are paying the price. Our dogs need us to be their health care advocates. Take a stand and believe in better, safer and smarter approaches. Dogs are literally dying for us to seek out the truth.


One of the most challenging parts of my job is to break through the thick, ugly wall of poor nutrition, over-vaccination and an inferior lifestyle. These areas all contribute to disease. While veterinarians are excellent at practicing medicine, surgery, and determining the epidemiology of specific diseases, they are not educated in nutritional areas. Yet they continue to act as experts in that field. And big box food companies are good at advertising, marketing and making money off of their typically sub-standard products.

Titer Instead of Annual Vaccines

A titer is a blood test that detects the presence and measures the amount of antibodies within the blood. The amount and diversity of antibodies correlates to the strength of the body’s immune response. In other words, it’s a way to see if your dog is protected. You are in charge of your dog’s health. Ask your vet to run a vaccine titer in place of giving unnecessary and dangerous vaccines.

‘Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have’.  – Margaret Mead

The cycle goes like this: Veterinarians lack a comprehensive nutritional background, yet they make food recommendations for our dogs. Vets get their food information from big box food company representatives who give them financial incentives for recommending their products. However, big box food companies do not truly have your dog’s health in mind. Their bottom line is profit. The vaccinations keep coming, suppressing the immune system which is the very thing that dogs need to fight disease. Dogs become sick, struggle with chronic allergies, gastro problems and a myriad of behavioral issues. The doctors then recommend a “prescription dog food” that is void of any functional foods more medications and continue with the over immunizations. It’s a vicious cycle and sadly, the well-intentioned dog guardian is falling for it as their beloved dogs are suffering. THIS my friends is sickening, ludicrous and heart-breaking.


Clean Chemical Free Lifestyle / Environment

There is an energy that exists within your home affecting the ones that live there and the bonds that are shared, including your dog. If you’re stressed your dog is definitely stressed and most likely very anxious. Dogs are mirrors of their guardians. Be cognizant of what bothers your dog and keep your/their stress levels down. If you’re relaxed your dog will surely be chill. Walking with your dog can help reduce stress, while strengthening their body, stimulating their mind AND it deepens the bond between you! Forest bathing is one of my favorite things to do with my dogs. I encourage everyone to try it!

‘Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment’. – Rumi

Believe that there is a better, safer and smarter way to help our dogs

Dogs spend a lot of time on the grass. It can be easy to reach for a weed killer or pesticide to get rid of those pesky problems but they have bigger implications – There is a DIRECT link between pesticides and cancer. Ask yourself, what’s more important, my dog and family’s health or a green/weed free lawn? Kind of a no-brainer.

Believe that you have what it takes to learn what alternatives are best

Similarly, your dog spends most of their time on the floor. Be mindful of the products you are using – and opt for innocuous non-toxic cleaners. Go with glass food/water bowls. Plastic and aluminum contain toxic chemicals such as BPA and aluminum which are called endocrine disruptors – a leading cause of auto immune disease.

Believe that the “experts” are not providing you with sound advice

The recommended flea/tick prevention products that your vet strongly recommends include products that are loaded with neurotoxins. They negatively impact your dogs body – their heart, endocrine system and liver to name a few. What vets fail to mention is that these products are not even 100% effective. Although candles, plug-ins and diffusers appear enchanting they are nothing more than glorified toxins. We don’t need these accouterments. The chemicals that are emitted from them wreck havoc on our dogs immune system and ours. They are found to cause neurological seizures. Open a window instead and bring some fresh air in.

Believe that our dogs are hoping that we will wise up and open up to healthy alternatives

I can’t part without bringing up Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). EMFs and auto immune diseases go hand in hand. Small changes like putting your device on airplane mode for a while or turning your WiFi off at night can make a big difference. I believe that by making small changes we can create a safer, healthier and surely happier world for our dogs. What better way to return the love! Always BELIEVE…

Help Your Dog Thrive! Courteous Canines - Tamara Tokash
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Help Your Dog Thrive! Courteous Canines - Tamara Tokash
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Thanks for believing and digging deeper with me!

Warm Wags,

Tamara Tokash

As a holistic canine specialist I will gently yet effectively guide you and your dog using force-free, effective and positive-based training methods.