The Art Of Living With A Dog

I’m on an exciting new mission, I’d like to share with you…

The past several months have afforded me time to pause and reflect on modern day dogs. What’s harming them and how best to help them. When our world changes it directly impacts our dog’s world. For over 30 years I’ve dedicated my life to these beautiful beasts, and I am determined to improve their precious lives.

There’s a better way to live with them folks. Rearing is an art and I’m here to impart my bespoken approach so your dogs can live a full and vibrant life. After all, dogs come into our lives and change us forever. 

Are we really doing “right” by our dogs? Are they actually happy? How do we influence our dog’s overall wellbeing? Are we ill-informed about raising a dog? Could the very people we seek out for canine care actually be misleading us and worse, harming our beloved dogs? Why are so many dogs sick and dying? What’s it like for your dog to live with you? Are dogs getting what they need? I’ve been connecting the dots for over 5 decades and I want to share my findings with you. Just like us, dogs are a collection of our choices. We can make better choices for our dogs.

I’ve carefully crafted a unique blueprint designed from the dog’s vantage point. If we’re thinking of true wellness for them, I believe it needs to be dog-driven wellness. Let’s provide our dogs with a rich environment, nutrient dense food, and skill sets that will equip them with living in today’s frenetic modern world. Dogs need us to take that leap of faith and pivot. Let’s elevate dog rearing together. 

My ethos is simple yet profound. I am spearheading a movement to combine nutrition, life skills and behavior. It’s a paradigm shift that I believe must take place to achieve harmony between dog and human. 

My goal is to steer the direction of these seemingly separate disciplines and converge them into a regiment of overall health and well-being. Far too many dogs are just surviving. I want them to thrive!

The “Art of Living with a Dog” embodies Compassion ~ Curiosity ~ Courage ~ Critical Thinking

The conventional ways of veterinary medicine and training are terribly fractured. Dogs are riddled with chronic dis-ease, have insurmountable behavior issues, are suppressed, isolated and stressed. 

My unconventional, comprehensive approach encompasses evidence-based strategies, life hacks and insights on what they do need – life skills, fresh food and embracing their “dogginess” so happiness drives the dog!

Let’s stop barking up the wrong tree. Antiquated ways and unrealistic expectations are hurting our dogs. We elected to domesticate them; therefore, we must do away with ineffective and useless theories and exercise pragmatic and intelligent approaches; ones that are efficacious and effortless. 

Golly gumdrops we need to make life FUN and let dogs be dogs! 

While taking my development sabbatical, I’ve been delving into new research, taking continuing education courses, observing feral and domesticated canines and studying what geographical locations have the world’s highest rates of health, wellness, and longevity of dogs, conversely what causes illness, behavior and emotional difficulties. My research criteria are ternary – what really makes dogs happy, how to support their overall health naturally (mentally/physically), and how to reduce their stress by enriching their environment.

I want to re-frame the way we look at our relationships with our dogs and provide you with a comprehensive plan and tangible tools like, subscriptions, videos, fireside zoom chats and more! You’d be surprised how much information you can take away and implement from just one session! Besides, your K9 companion can be right by your side when we meet up! What’s better than that? ☺ Will you help me so we can help them? 

Over the next few months, I plan to ease back on in-home private consultations and begin offering alternative ways to support you and your dog(s). With a confluence of ideas, I plan on honing in and turning out didactic resources for dog guardians. I’m here to educate, excite and empower each and every one of you!

It would mean a great deal if you joined me in creating a unique on-line private community where ideas can be shared for the sake of our companions. Dogs make us better people and we owe it to them to do right by them.

We’re on life’s journey with these magnanimous magical beings…
Let’s make it wild n’ wonderful!

With gratitude,  

As a holistic canine specialist I will gently yet effectively guide you and your dog using force-free, effective and positive-based training methods.