Dogs jump because face-to-face greetings are a natural Canine behavior. Everyone LOVES puppies to greet them w/a bounding jump. That pup WILL grow up and that’s what they will have learned is acceptable. Dogs are usually rewarded for jumping w/ a a pat or hug. Please note: Never knee your dog in the chest, etc. This is a cruel & archaic approach.


If you teach your dog to sit reliably, you will have more control & the ability to redirect your dog’s body motion from a potential jump to a beautiful sit! Dogs can not jump and sit at the same time; and if they have been taught to sit appropriately, then the command “sit” should override their desire to jump. This approach is referred to as “Redirecting”.


Teach your dog what the command “off” means. This is used when your dog is jumping up on you or anything. It is confusing for your dog to hear you say get down when later on in training you will be using that word to mean lie down. The following is an exercise to be done throughout the training: Keep your dog’s leash on inside and always under someone’s supervision. This will give you more leverage so that if/when your dog jumps you can get him off of you while giving him the command “off”. Take the leash & gently/firmly “pop”.


Another way is to teach your dog Jump vs. Off. Hold a treat up and once your dog jumps, say “off” while bringing your hand horizontally down to the ground. As soon as your dog has his/her four paws on the floor release the treat and praise!!! This is not applicable for everyone.


Body blocks – dogs pay attention to our body language constantly! Since they do not understand English it is important to use our body as a training tool in a humane manner. When your dog jumps move forward into their space and say “off”. This will naturally teach them to move back and off.


Be consistent. If you are petting your dog sometimes when he jumps and other times getting mad, you are teaching your dog to jump. No jumping means no jumping.


Ignore: This is another good one for children to try. Turn your back on your dog. Sometimes people make such a big deal about their dog jumping up that they negatively reward their dog. Thus the jumping continues because that is when the dog knows he will get attention.


Jumping on guests. Have your dog on a leash, create a calm area of distance and have PLENTY of treats and praise. You should also (if appropriate) ask your guest to either give your dog a treat when the dog sits or simply toss some on the ground.

  • Teach your dog to sit reliably.
  • Body Blocks
  • The “off” command.
  • Consistency
  • Jump vs. Off
  • Ignoring
  • Leash w/ distance
  • Treats

For counter / table jumping ask your trainer for customized training suggestions. Remember! It’s important to praise dogs for NOT jumping.