Kong Stuffing


Your Dog and Your most valuable training tool

Dogs are one of THE most social beings on this planet. Humans take these highly social animals and socially isolate them. We expect a dog to know what to do when we leave. When we bring a dog into our life many responsibilities are upon us. TEACHING a dog HOW TO spend time ALONE is critical. Enter the Kong.

WHAT IS A KONG? A red, rubber, hollow, bee hive shaped toy with two openings.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Your dog needs to get the food that is stuffed inside of it out!

WHY DOES IT WORK? It’s a mental stimulation toy as well as a pacifier. It teaches a dog how to become a recreational kong chewer rather than a recreational table leg chewer. It aids in shaping a dog’s behavior.

HOW DO I USE A KONG? This training tool should be part of your dog’s daily routine. Several times a day!

WHAT CAN I STUFF MY DOG’S KONG WITH? You first need an “adhesive” like food. My favorite is roasted sweet potato, squash or pumpkin puree. Other good options are organic sugar free goat yogurt, tripe (Purchase Tripett here) or even almond butter (NOT peanut butter it will cause GI inflammation). Then take REAL food (not kibble or milk bones that’s not real) such as diced up apples, chicken, fish, etc. First you will need to take the adhesive and spread a thin layer along the inside of the kong. Then take the food and press it along the adhesive spread. Save 1 bit of food & lodge it in the tiny hole at the other end. Lastly, and equally important, FREEZE the kong! This will serve as a perfect chew for teething pups while “locking” the food in place to increase the longevity of the prize!

SECRETS TO A WELL STUFFED KONG –High value food, appropriate challenge for your dog, and freezing it.

WHAT SIZE KONG SHOULD MY DOG HAVE? Large enough so your dog will not be able to swallow it.

TEACH YOUR DOG WHAT TO DO WITH THE KONG! Pull treats out & show your dog how it works. PRAISE!

WHEN DO I GIVE MY DOG A KONG? When you are home. During witching hours, busy times AND in crate!

HOW DO I TAKE A KONG AWAY FROM MY DOG? Teach healthy relinquishing. Offer a treat in exchange.

HOW DO I CLEAN A KONG? Top rack of dishwasher. Keep them clean! Like any toy they will harbor bacteria.

HOW MANY KONGS SHOULD I HAVE? A lot! You wouldn’t have one baby bottle. So get at least 6 kongs.

SAFETY MEASURES WITH KONG – Like any chew, always monitor your dog.