House Training

Communication + Kindness + Consistency + Praise = A housetrained dog! Never hit or yell at your dog. NO pushing your dog’s nose into the mess! The above is inhumane, ineffective, archaic & cruel. Proven fact. Period. It will cause your dog to get stressed. A stressed dog is an untrained dog.

Make a “Safe Haven”!

Use a wire dog crate – it will be your dog’s babysitter while also a safe haven.
Dogs are den animals and feel safe in small den-like areas. A crate = dog’s den.
Dogs do not like to soil their living quarters.
Temporarily confining a dog to a small area strongly inhibits the tendency to eliminate.
Partition off a section of the crate depending on the size of your dog. If you are house training a puppy, then enlarge the crate as he/she grows.
Place crate in a room where your dog will be part of the family. Do not insolate a dog from the family in an inhumane location such as the basement.
Introduce your dog to the crate by MAKING IT A HAPPY PLACE – NOT a place of punishment. Place treats inside the crate & praise your dog when he goes inside his “Doggie Condo”!

Prevent your dog from ever having accidents.

Do this by SHOWING your dog the appropriate place to eliminate (the grass). NO PADS!
Your dog should be under your CONSTANT SUPERVISION when you are home every moment.
Your dog should be in his “Doggie Condo”/Crate when you are unable to keep a watchful eye. Even if it means for 30 seconds! Collars are a choking hazard so be careful.

Consistent bathroom walks on a leash.

This means that your dog must go outside to the bathroom regularly. Same time every day, and hourly depending on dog’s age, size, personal needs, etc.
You MUST have your dog on a leash in order to achieve success. This will allow you to immediately praise him when he eliminates and to walk him to his “bathroom spot” rather than leaving it up to him as to where to go. Give your dog a treat as soon as he eliminates outside.
Always bring your dog out after REGULARLY SCHEDULE eating, drinking, sleeping and playing.
Praise your dog when he/she eliminates in the proper place! ie: “what a goooooooood dog!”

Communicate with your dog.

SHOW your dog where you want him to eliminate. OUTSIDE! Not on wee-wee pads.
Use a CUE WORD to help you dog make an association between eliminating and the word. “Go tinkle”.
NEVER reprimand/punish your dog for going in the wrong place.
PRAISE your dog & reward him generously each and every time he eliminates in the right place.
Set your dog up for SUCCESS. Give him every opportunity to relieve himself in the places that you have designated as his bathroom spot. DO NOT EXPECT YOUR DOG TO “TELL U” HE/SHE HAS TO GO!
Do not give your dog any opportunity to eliminate anywhere else.
Expect mistakes! If you have a pup, this is all new to them. If you have an older dog, they are confused and need you patience. Use a safe and effective neutralizer – Nature’s Miracle® to clean.