Come Exercise A


The verbal command for calling your dog. It means “come directly to me without stopping along the way”. This is the most important command that you will be teaching your dog. Please do not rush through this, or think that your dog has learned it in a week or so. It takes time, consistency and motivation on your part. This command can save your dog’s life! Set your best friend up for success, not failure.


Your job is to make your dog LOVE this word! Unfortunately many dogs don’t even know what it means let alone even like the word.


Ask yourself if you have called your dog over the past few days in the following situations or ones similar to these. There are “+” and “-“ next to each scenario graded by a typical dog.

  • “Come!” He was jumping up to get food off of the counter. (-)
  • “Come!” He was sniffing a rabbits scent outside. (-)
  • “Come!” He was wet and I wanted him off of my bed. (-)
  • “Come!” The kids left the door open & he was in the garbage. (-)
  • “Come!” It’s time for a bath and medicine. (-)
  • “Come!” It’s time for a walk. (+) “Come!” He just ran away from home and I found him. (-)(-)(-)

The odds of your dog wanting to come to you in the future is not good. Be aware at all times what you are teaching your dog.


• Please only use the word “come” for teaching this command. If you are not consistent and call your dog with come here, come on, over here, etc. you will be confusing your dog because all of the latter are all different words to your dog. It’s as if someone was saying hello to us in 3 different languages.

• Find a food or treat that your dog absolutely loves. Whatever it is you will only use it as a lure and reward for the “come” command. Nothing else.

• Work with this command indoors for the first few weeks.


For this week you and your dog will be doing these exercises. It is 1 of 6 ways we teach the come command.

You’ll probably be busy with training your dog to do the “watch-me and gotcha”, so for this exercise I’ve come up with some built-in training opportunities. You should be feeding your dog 2-3 xs/ day. When you make his dinner, quickly step back a few paces and as you walk backwards, say, “Buddy, come!”. As soon as he does, place the dish on the floor and reward him with it. (This is considered a life reward -they are the best ways to train).

Take a plastic treat jar (an empty plastic peanut butter jar will do), & fill it will some yummy dog treats. Each & everytime you want to call your dog inside, shake it & say, “Buddy, come!” The second he comes, pour on the praise & give him a goodie!

Do the same thing each and everytime you go for a bathroom run or walk. *** Be sure that your dog is in the same room @ this point of training.