If you look at things from your DOG’S POINT of VIEW, it will be easier to see why he/she does the things that he does such as chewing. It’s a normal & necessary behavior for your dog to chew; however, you will need to teach your dog what he can and CAN NOT chews on. You are his/her guide. Be a fair one.

Exercise your dog

When dogs do not get adequate, age appropriate exercise; they have pent up energy & as a result they resort to chewing in order to release that excess energy. Have “Play Sessions”! Make a commitment to your dog & yourself to schedule a daily exercise routine. ie: walking, playing catch, playing hide an go seek, swimming, obedience games. Mental exercise counts, too. Try my favorite: “find it!” Hide treats for your dog to find. A tired dog is good dog! A well exercised dog is less likely to become destructive.

Clean Up

Keep all things out to reach from your dog. Such as shoes, garbage bags, matches, etc. It makes life a lot easier when items are not hanging around to tempt your dog. Do not make it easy for your dog to get into trouble.

Work for success

SUPERVISE! You are your dog’s pack leader, set him up so that he does NOT get into trouble so he can be praised and rewarded! It’s like leaving a toddler in a kitchen with knives! DON’T ever let your dog out of your sight! The amount of time it takes for you to turn your back, your dog can have something chewed. Once they do it, they learn it & it’s rewarding.


Whenever you do see your dog chewing on something that he should be chewing on like a toy, lavishly pour on the praise! If you do not do this consistently, then how is your dog to know what he should be chewing on? Catch your dog doing something right!


If you catch your dog in the act of chewing a “forbidden” object, he should be redirected immediately. Put his attention onto something he CAN chew and then praise him! Never leave your dog alone with a bone, chew or toy that may lodge itself.

The Best Toys will Mentally Stimulate your Dog

The Kong: A hollow rubber toy that you stuff with a food and freeze.
Ice Cubes: A great, natural chew. Try freezing low sodium chicken broth, too!
Raw bones: Bones that are raw are wonderful. Be sure to empty the marrow.
Canine Floss: String twisted with two knots at each end. Great frozen!
Activity Ball: A plastic toy that is filled with dry dog treats.

The Worst Toys will Bore your dog and possibly Injure

Rawhide & Pig Ears: This will just lie in your dog’s belly and be difficult to digest.
Old socks/shoes: Your dog can not make the distinction between old & new.
Toys that have plastic eyes and accessories: These can be easily swallowed.
Plush dog toys: These are designed for dogs that have already learned how to chew.