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Welcome. I’m glad you found me! I’m TAMARA TOKASH, an unconventional dog wellness adviser. The first and only trainer and canine consultant / nutritionist in my region to impart a holistic bespoken approach to dog rearing. Dogs are not my hobby, they are what I live and breathe. I’ve spent a lifetime studying, researching and working with them. To that end, the result is my unique and comprehensive method that is evidence based. You may be at a precipice. If you are, I hope to impart with you a fresh, insightful perspective so the next time you look at your dog you see things a bit differently and consider a better way of life for them. Just like us, dogs are a collection of the choices we make. Every dog is an individual ~ no two dogs are alike.

Everything impacts a dog’s wellness – their family, their food, their frame of mind and so much more. I’d like to share with you my ethos and strategies that will help you create balance within your dog’s world so that they can truly experience pure happiness and health for many years to come. The moment you chose to bring a dog into your life, was the genesis of a sacred contract – one where you are your dog’s advocate mentally, emotionally and physically. Your dog’s destiny lies within your hands.

I invite you to join me – together we will make this happen.

Let’s embrace dogs for all that they are!

If you’re looking to have a “perfectly behaved” dog where you are the so-called “Alpha”, this is not the place for you. This certainly is the place if you’re seeking a better life for your already perfect dog, free of suppression, frustration and chronic disease. I don’t want a dog that fears me and is broken because I lack knowledge. What I do want is a happy, vibrant, carefree, mannerly dog that is welcome anywhere because I’ve made smart choices and invested the time. I want to teach and guide my dogs intelligently while making sure they have no doubt how much I absolutely adore them. And that’s what I want for your dogs. My approach is backed by science, proven effective, positive and force free. Likewise nutrition is at the root of wellness and behavior. Biologically appropriate food that dogs are meant to eat. It’s all connected folks.

Appreciate all that your dog has to offer and have realistic expectations. Every dog is an individual and what works for one will not work for another. My job is to determine what approach will be best for your dog and teach you how to execute it all. You are your dog’s everything. Your dog’s mental, emotional and physical wellness begins with you. Rearing a dog is a journey, so make it a good one! Dogs are sentient beings; they’re able to perceive and feel things just like you and me. They do indeed express themselves differently than us at times therefore it’s our responsibility to learn how to best speak their language. A sacred union exists between you and your dog. Embrace it.

Mind – Body – Spirit

SYNERGY is only achieved when all elements are considered. My hope is that you will see that there is so much more than having a “well trained” dog. It means absolutely nothing if a dog is fluent in obedience cues yet is eating a poor quality food and is overly stressed. Nor is it beneficial for a dog to be fed a healthy biologically appropriate diet without any clear pack communication, thus resulting in a dysfunctional frenetic home life. Nothing in life is static, therefore we need to constantly adjust things in our dogs lives in order to help them regain balance. Just like we should in ours.

Derailment often occurs when one of the three tenets is overlooked. All of these factors must be addressed to fully understand a dog and help support them so they auspiciously navigate in and out of our home. No one has a perfect dog; not me or any canine expert, nor should we expect to have one. Embrace your dog’s individuality. They are special just the way they are. Let’s keep our expectations realistic, because in the grand scheme of things, don’t we all want the same thing for our dogs – to live long healthy and infinitely happy lives?

Courteous Canines, Tamara Tokash, NJ New Jersey, Help Your Dog Thrive! My Dog Thrives, Raw

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Ghandi

Healthy Lifestyle

How do I help my dog you may ask? You help them by creating a balance and cultivate synergy! This requires SIX R’s: Realize how you and your energy impacts your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, Restore your dog to optimal health by supporting their gut microbiome and feeding a biologically appropriate diet, Raise your dog to be social with all types of people and animals, Reduce the vaccine load and toxic chemicals in your dog’s environment, Remember to always assess your dog’s stress level, and Regular exercise for mental and physical stimulation and overall wellness.

Epigenetics is critical! That is, the environment which surrounds your dog is more important that the genetics inside. Dogs are magical beings that have been sent here for a paramount purpose – to love, teach, and guide us. While we adore and cherish them, in the end, dogs heal and protect us at a deep level – right to the very core of who we are. If you let them in, you will become kindred spirits with them.

Courteous Canines, Tamara Tokash, NJ New Jersey, Help Your Dog Thrive! My Dog Thrives, Raw

FOLLOW ME – you will learn how to craft a beautiful, happy, and healthy life with your dog. The relationship we create with our dogs, coupled with nutrition and lifestyle, are the key tenets of health and happiness. My wish for you all is that you and your dog will be blessed like my dogs and me. I want you too, to walk with your 18 year old happy, healthy and disease FREE dog, along a quiet path, feeling each other’s love and energy and being joyful together. READ MORE

Let’s restore dogs lives and THRIVE together.