Look around, all of us are being ‘de-natured’ and unless we interrupt this madness and create a new paradigm; our dogs will continue to suffer and fail. The allostatic load and xenobiotics that they carry around are quite honestly, well – sickening. Dogs are suffering with chronic disease and dying at alarming rates. They are feed garbage, inundated with unnecessary vaccines and toxins and isolated from social activity.  I’m here to tell you unequivocally that this does NOT need to be. There ARE things that can and MUST be done in order to support dog’s overall health. Genetics holds the gun while the environment and lifestyle in which we place our dogs pulls the trigger. As their guardians and advocates we owe it to them to help them THRIVE!


Our dogs need us to be open to sound tactics, ancient wisdom and plain old common sense. I’m here to distill all the current data down for you. I’ve dedicated a significant part of my life to improving dog’s lives and I would be grateful if you would allow me to share what I’ve learned, studied and practiced with you.  You’ll be shocked and disgusted yet grateful that you tuned in. Let’s change dog’s lives forever! I’m here to inspire and empower you to seek and demand, smart and healthy alternatives for your dog. At the very least I hope to ignite your curiosity to think about dog wellness differently. Our dogs give us so much … we owe it to them to fight for their health, happiness and longevity. I’m here to encourage you to buck this broken system that our dogs are strangled by and seek out a truly healthy / clean lifestyle for you and your dog. It will awaken you to the beauty that is within your dog.


You are ALL your dog has. He/she needs you to be well informed. This will require you to question and challenge those that seem to be “experts”. There was a time in my life when I fed my dogs what I thought was a great food and vaccinated them because I was under the false impression that it was a good thing. Sadly, my dogs suffered greatly. Some even died. I vowed to find THE best, most intelligent and healthiest approach to insuring that they live vibrant lives. I began to dig deeper and once I made the shift – they healed! Healthy living doesn’t make one impervious or preclude them from injury or disease; but what it DOES do is strengthen a body to fend off such things and rebound from the challenges.  I’ve been connecting the dots for a very long time, and want to share with as many people that are willing to listen how best to guide our magical dogs and help them THRIVE! Life with dogs is funny, isn’t it? In the process of us helping them; they in turn are the ones that inevitably help us. What a truly beautiful gift they are.

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Healthy Lifestyle

I draw upon multidisciplinary approaches: relationship-based training, nutrition via traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, species-appropriate diets, flower essences, homeopathy, herbal, essential oils and plain old common sense. By providing your dog with a healthy lifestyle – whole food, quality daily interaction & companionship, and foregoing vaccines & toxins; does in no way infer nor preclude him or her from disease.  Rather this way of life strengthens and supports your dog’s immune system if / when they are confronted with illness.  I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’m here to provide you with extremely qualified information and educate you to the best of my ability so that you can support your dog and watch in awe how beautifully they can flourish.

Vitality and Balance

I’ve been on a lifelong quest to restore the integrity of dogs’ lives – mind, body, and spirit, by educating those that are ready to listen. I’m a mindful canine specialist ready to offer a vast array of healthy options to you and your dog. Canine wellness has been and always will be my driving force. This begins with a clean approach. Dogs are in desperate need of help nowadays, and I am determined and committed to provide insight and effective, proven strategies to you so you can help your dog THRIVE!

I’ve always had a strong connection to the healing power of nature. Many of us have moved away from what nature has to offer. We are all connected – nature often becomes a healing pharmacy for us and our dogs.  People often tell me that I’ve helped them learn how to truly love their dog. That I am grateful for. Life with dogs is funny, isn’t it? In the process of us helping them; they in turn are the ones that ironically and inevitably help us in perpetuity. What a truly beautiful gift they are.

Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.” – Rumi