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Follow me – you will learn how to craft a beautiful, happy, and healthy life with your dog. The relationship we create with our dogs, coupled with nutrition and lifestyle, are the key tenets of health and happiness. My wish for you all is that you and your dog will be blessed like my dogs and me. I want you too, to walk with your 18 year old happy, healthy and disease FREE dog, along a quiet path, feeling each other’s love and energy and being joyful together. Let’s restore dogs lives and THRIVE together.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ” – Hippocrates


Services include:

Species Appropriate Diet
Flourishing Lifestyle
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine
Essential Oils
Flower Essences
Herbal Tonics

Canine Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Protocol custom tailored to your dog’s individual needs

I will create a customized Nutritional Protocol specifically designed for your dog. This detailed canine nutritional analysis will be tailor made and designed to achieve optimum health for your dog’s individual needs.  Please email me for Nutritional Protocol rates  at 

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