Dogs vomit for a myriad of reasons. Right before a dog is about to vomit they will make a really sad face with their lips pursed and ears down. It’s pathetic. That’s when you wish it was you and not them. They could’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with them, ingested a toxin from the environment, perhaps they ate too fast or there could be an underlying serious medical condition. Often times dogs eat grass when they feel that their bodies are out of balance. As long as the grass is not treated with harmful pesticides, allow them to eat it. The latter acts as a demulcent for the food or objects that needs to be brought up. Vomiting is a way to void the body of whatever toxins that are there. If your dog is exhibiting chronic vomiting to the point of spitting up bile, take them to the vet! Otherwise, for acute symptoms use these helpful and tips to manage it. They are effective in cooling, soothing and healing inflammation.

Note: Vomiting can also be a symptom of an intestinal obstruction. They can be fatal! Move fast!

Control Dehydration – The most important line defense
Offer small amount of ice cubes/chips. Withhold large amounts of water
Fast – Withhold food 6-12 hours. Do NOT fast puppies /senior dogs. Offer small portions
Identify what caused vomiting
When they are ready to eat, keep food bland, split meals up into smaller portions 3-4 per day
Puree All Food for 24 hours.
Offer organic free-range scrambled eggs
If you believe its food related always implement the “Elimination Diet”. Start w/ 1 food & add
Supervise dog so they don’t get into things. Teach “leave it”!
Herbs – Chamomile, Ginger and/or Fennel. Herbs can be made into a tea and added to food
Add a prebiotic foods – apples and bananas. Small pieces
Add probiotic foods – kimchi, fermented raw goat milk or goat kefir
Add probiotic & digestive enzyme https://market.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/
IF your dog happens to be on an antibiotic – give probiotic away from antibiotic. 1-2 hours.
Marshmallow Root – A demulcent herb – soothing and coating the digestive tract.
Homeopathic Remedy – Arsenicum Album 6C
Homeopathic Remedy – Nux Vomica 6C

If any medical condition continues or worsens for more than 24 – 48 hours get to a vet clinic ASAP
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