4 Session Immersion Program
UMWELT (pronounced oom-velt)
  • Let’s get this party started! Mgnt 101, Watch me 🙂 Gotcha, Sit, Down, Push-ups, Come, Square dance & Drop
  • Mindset – Rather than focusing on your dog “obeying” you, focus on teaching your dog a skill. Dark Ages NOT
  • Blue Zone Dogs! You – Energy – Food – Social – Environment – It ALL matters! Strike a balance. Risk vs Reward
  • Start the way you mean to go. If you don’t want a jumper then don’t pet when your dog jumps, wait for a sit
  • Get to know your dog – Strengths, Weaknesses, Witching Hours, & the Dangers of Comparing
  • Relationship based learning – consent, earn your dog’s trust, provide a safe environment & listen to your dog
  • Expectations – are they realistic. Focus on what really matters and don’t fret the small stuff. A dog’s life
  • What’s it like being raised by you and living in your home as a dog? Reflection time. Self – awareness!
  • Critical growth periods – familiarize yourself to them. The power of 3’s – 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months
  • Clarity creates Confidence – work within your dog’s threshold. If you don’t they can’t grasp material and learn.  
  • Canine Enrichment – toys, games, nose-work! Snuffle mat, find it, hide n’ seek. The “Seeking System
  • The Oral & Olfactory Sensory Systems – it’s natural, necessary & normal. How to navigate these super powers
  • What’s in your dog’s bowl? Biologically Appropriate Food, water, treats, toys & gear. Vax, Spay/Neuter Alt
  • Bio Sensory Stimulation, Down Time and Overstimulation. Decision Fatigue and Paralysis … it’s a real thing
  • Bridging – Talk your dog through everything. When you’re putting a leash on, brushing, heading for a walk.
  • Healthcare Advocate / Vet relationship. Build a team. Make informed decisions/judicious. Low stress handling
  • Socialization – Crate, car, vet, handling, people of all ages/size/race, dogs, animals, surfaces, house items
  • Hit that Target! Touch – Click – Treat Wha-La! Dogs have Harvard degree in olfaction 12% brain
  • The psychology of dog behavior – Why are you yelling? Body language, vocabulary, hand signals and routines
  • 6 R’s Realize your energy and home impacts your dog, Raise him/her to be happy and social, Reduce the toxic load of vaccines and neurotoxins, Restore their gut microbiome, Replenish w/ biologically appropriate raw, Remember to asses your dog’s stress level. It’s critical to be aware of these and course correct when needed

Mirror Image
  • YES! Not NO needs to be your mantra. Catch your doing what you want him/her to learn and reward!
  • Conflict Resolution – Dogs avoid conflict at all costs … you should as well
  • Have you ever been paid to do a job? This is the time to be generous & consistent with HVF treats & toys
  • Passive vs Latent Learning. Operant Conditioning vs Social Learning Theory – Integrative, fun & effective  
  • The Premack Principle – “If you want dessert, you need to eat your veggies!” 
  • Motivation, Drive and Confidence combined with Shaping, Marking, Conditioning, Luring and Acknowledging
  • COVID – The chasms to avoid. Separation anxiety, guests, chemicals, vet, meet n’ greet, smiles matter!

Engineering / Execution
  • A Dog’s Hierarchy of Needs – Toss in a ton of Vitamin N and everything else that nature has to offer!
  • Negative Punishment- what you need to know and how it will facilitate learning. Follow through skills
  • Continuation from week 1 & 2 and build on cues specific to your dog’s needs. The best may be Management
  • Four D’s Duration, Distance, Distraction and Diversity. When working w/ one, make the remaining easy

Measured Self Awareness
  • Force Free Learning / CER – Conditioned Emotional Responses / R+ and Primary and Secondary Reinforcers
  • Neuroscience of behavior and how it impacts your dog.  Oxytocin, Cortisol and Dopamine D1 & D2 Feel Good!
  • The ugly truth exposed – Over vaccination, Subpar food, Suppression. Refer to my blog Unforeseen quarantine
  • Create Balance in your dog’s life. Mind – Body – Spirit. Everything impacts your dog, particularly your decisions