Flower Essences

What are they?

38 liquid homeopathic remedies prepared from wild flowers. Examples are: Aspen, Elm & Oak. They are a type of “dynamic therapy” which utilizes subtle energy to positively affect one’s mind & body. FE are gentle yet powerful.

Who came up with this concept?

1930 Dr. Edward Bach was an English physician that discovered the power of flowers! Bach observed that his happier patients healed and improved better than his unhappy ones.

How do they work?

Their purpose is to help heal & balance any emotional imbalances which negatively impact the body by using the energetic of the flowers. FE focus on the mind/body connection. Emotions are directly related to behavior.

Are they safe to give and what about the alcohol content?

100% safe! Non-contraindicative. All of the remedies contain alcohol as a preservative. The Rescue Remedy does come in a pet form; preserved w/ glycerin. Per Dr. Bach “All remedies are pure & harmless, there is no fear of giving too much or too often, though only the smallest quantities are necessary to act as a dose. Nor can any remedy do harm should it prove not to be the one actually needed for the case”.

How do I choose a Flower Essence?

Fear, Uncertainty, Loneliness, etc. Visit www.bachflower.com for a complete easy to read list.

How do I give a Flower Essence?

NEVER give a remedy directly from the dropper/bottle. It is made of glass and an animal can bit it. This will also contaminate the flower essence. You can also make a “treatment bottle” – mix filtered H2O with 2-3 drops of specific FE in an amber dropper. Refrigerate it. My favorite is using the Cranial Acu-Point. There’s an energy center at the top of the head; halfway between the ears. This topical application is simple: drop 2-3 drops into your palm and smooth into fur at acu-point. Careful of eyes. Other option is to make a mist bottle!

How much do I give and when?

General Rule: 8 drops on food 2xs / day or 4 drops 4xs / day in fresh filtered H2O. Total of 16 drops daily. Be consistent!

Bach’s most Famous – Rescue Remedy

5 flower essences: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. For any type of stressful event!

Remedies for Fearful Stressed Anxious Dogs

Aspen, Larch, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Rescue Remedy and/or Star of Bethlehem

There are a variety of flower essences available on the market. Go with a wild crafted reputable source.