Flea and Tick

LYME DISEASE: (Borellia Burgdorferi) If you want to be prepared for Lymes, the first step is to arm yourself with knowledge not fear.

What is Lyme Disease?

A micro organism / bacteria called Spirochete, transmitted by ticks. All ticks NOT just deer ticks! They hide in tendons, muscle tissue, lymph nodes, brain, heart, etc. Ticks carry other dangerous bacteria in addition to Lyme. These are called Co-infections. Ie: Ehrlichiosis & Anaplasmosis. Vector borne diseases are on the rise. How can we protect our dogs from these hideous invaders without causing worse & permanent damage to them? There IS a SMART & SAFE approach.

What are Neurotoxins?

A poison that negatively acts on and remains in the nervous system. Neurotoxins are important to understand because they are being recommended by vets as a tick preventative!

Implications: brain damage, heart attacks, endocrine dysfunction/cancer, liver/kidney toxicity, convulsions.

Think about who is hugging your beloved dog and getting those same neurotoxins transferred. Yup! YOU!

Frontline, Advantage, Biospot, Vectra D, etc. Are ALL Pesticides aka Neurotoxins! Either topical or oral

Fact: There is no product, vaccine or the like out there that will 100% guarantee no ticks!

What is a dog guardian to do?

A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM is THE MOST IMPORTANT weapon in the fight against Lyme. Organic Garlic! ½ tsp/15 lbs!

Common Sense can prevent chaos. Keep far away from leaf piles, pachysandra, wet areas are where ticks live.

Daily Tick checks are imperative! Use a damp paper towel, better yet a lint roller and wipe your dog down.

Get a Baseline number! That way if you suspect your dog has been infected later, you will be able to compare #s.

SNAP and C6 test. Also, Accuplex tests for 5 strains of tick borne disease. (C6 for Baseline)

Natural Tick control – Cedarcide, Buck Mountain, Liquid Fence, Bug Zone!, Mozi-Q, Easy Defens Tag, Amber dog collar.

Astragalus – Herb. Use prophylactically & to treat 20 drops / 20 lbs 2xs daily. During Tick season. See Teasel Root.

Ledum 1M– Homeopathic medicine used topically & orally. Intended for treatment & immediate eradication of Lyme.

Japanese Knotweed – The root of this plant is specific for the exact pathways that Lyme bacteria takes.

Teasel Root – Herb also known as Japanese Knotweed used to treat Lyme.

Neuro Antitox – a cocktail used to detox the body with Lyme.

Work closely with your vet and create a balanced protocol with a natural approach to support wellness.

Stephen Buhner’s book “Healing Lyme” Bible of effective natural healing.

Dirty little secrets / Lyme Vaccines and Tick prevention

Dr. Jean Dodds & Ron Shultz world renowned vet immunologist strongly oppose giving the Lyme Vaccine!!!

Dodds website: https://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com/

Lyme Vaccine linked to fatal Auto Immune Diseases. (My dog died from the Lyme Vaccine).

None of the US vet schools list Lyme Vaccination among their recommended vaccines.

So why does your vet suggest that you r dog receive it? Hmmm …. Why don’t you ask. Hint – MONEY & IGNORANCE

Avoid over vaccination for all vaccines. It compromises your dog’s immune system. Ask for vaccine titers instead.

Symptoms vs. Asymptomatic. The presence of antibody to Lyme only means a dog was exposed to Lyme at some point. Once exposed, these antibodies can remain in dog for weeks, months and years.

If any medical condition continues or worsens for more than 24 – 48 hours get to a vet clinic ASAP
.  https://courteous-canines.com/terms-and-conditions/

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