Always Remember…

Be kind, be patient and listen to your dog. They do talk if you are willing to listen.

Understanding your dog

Dogs are masters at reading body language. Incorporate hand signals. It makes all the difference.

Dogs thrive on consistency. Be aware of what you say & do. Your dog is watching VERY carefully.

Dogs are a mirror image of us. What we put out there they will respond to. Be a smart leader.

Dogs do NOT possess spite. Any “misbehavior” exhibited stems from confusion, anxiety or stress.

Dogs try to avoid conflict at all costs. Show your dog what you would like instead of reprimanding.

Training Tips

True leaders use gentleness NOT force. Lead without dominating. Whisper rather than yell.

Catch your dog doing something “right”! Instead of telling him “no,” tell him “YES! “Good dog”!

Set your dog up to SUCCESS! Not fail. Give your dog a chew so he doesn’t chew your chair leg.

Consistency, Fairness and Follow thru make an enormous positive difference.

Integrate training & use life rewards! Hold food bowl up. When your dog sits praise him & feed him.


The Kong® should be your key training tool. Stuff it, freeze it and use it often!

Teach “drop it”. Take a piece of chicken and offer it in exchange for whatever your dog is chewing.

Redirect your dog to what he should be chewing on rather than what he should not.

Directed on leash exercise & massing will help channel energy and reduce anxious chewing.

Find fun, safe and healthy chews! Fabric toys are and nyla bones are bad! Get products from USA!

Always Remember your DOG is thinking …

Be kind to me & look at the world through my eyes. I need a patient guide.

Please spend time with me & love me like I love you – I’m not here forever.

Please promise to be my voice, health care advocate & guardian.

Training isn’t really about teaching “sit, down, come.” It’s about developing a relationship with your dog. When YOU take the time to make this happen, your dog will follow your lead. The greatest gift you will have is not a dog that will sit, lie down or come but an incredible, loving bond that will last forever.